Winter - Top Performers Showcase

Winter - Top Performers Showcase

Event Divisions:

  • Top Performer Package (Most reccomended)

  • Basic Package

  • Premium Package

Event Details

*** For Most Registration Options, the $75 only reflects the cost of the deposit, see full pricing below...
*** TPC Promo Codes only apply to Classic+ or Elite Members

TPC Top Performers Pitching Showcase

What It Is:
The Winter TPC Top Performers Pitching Showcase is an event that will take place on Saturday, December 19th, between 9 AM and 2 PM. This event is an opportunity to safely showcase your proficiency within the Core Four TPC Drills as well as your ability to demonstrate the individual strengths that give you a competitive advantage against your peers. As a participant in the event, you will be asked to demonstrate a set of the TPC core drills, a 30 pitch bullpen, tracked and scored by our Rapsodo, and a set of “Happy Gilmore” intensity throws tracked by Pocket Radar.

Registration Options: 

Top Performer Package: (Our most recommended option)
Classic+ Members and Elite Members: $129.00
Classic Members and Non-Members: $149.00

Basic Package: 
Classic+ Members and Elite Members: $75.00
Classic Members and Non-Members: $99.00

Premium Package: 
Classic+ Members and Elite Members: $145.00
Classic Members and Non-Members: 

  • 30 - 45 Pitch Bullpen with data certified by TPC, Rapsodo, and Pocket Radar (Click Here for an example of TPC Pro Joe Navilhon's report)
  • 10-20 Drill Reps including Happy Gilmore / high-intensity throws all logged by Pocket Radar
  • Event documented on Zoom with public live-stream
  • Custom highlight video with Rapsodo & Pocket Radar overlay (See an example video below)
  • Folder of all individual video clips from the event included

Why Participate in This Event?
Participating in the TPC Top Performers Showcase can be beneficial for a variety of reasons...

  1. Participating in the event is a good opportunity to obtain certifiable and objective data to provide to coaches for recruitment and feedback. At the conclusion of the event, you will be provided with a full Rapsodo Report (and with the Top Performers Package, a highlight video). The Rapsodo Report, as well as the video created by TPC, is the perfect package of data and information to provide a coach with a 360-degree understanding of you as a player. 
  2. As a participant in the event, you will be able to see how you compare to your peers. At the conclusion of the event, a report will be created outlining where players rank in comparison to other players of similar age. In a time when games are not happening, this is a safe and fun way to have a little competition!
Registration and Pricing:
For Classic and Non-Members, the $75.00 billed at the time of registration reflects a deposit, and the difference will be billed on the day of the event. The difference being the total cost of your chosen Showcase package and the cost of the deposit. If you would like to upgrade your showcase registration at any time, please just reach out to Sam Mandel.

Information and Questions:
Following registration, our Event Director, Sam Mandel, will reach out to you to provide you with your estimated start time for the day of the event (Start times are staggered to allow for social distancing). If you have any questions, or if you are unable to attend on the 19th but would like to participate on another day, please feel free to reach out to Sam Mandel and that can be arranged.

Sam Mandel
Cell-Phone: 510-684-6371

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Event WODS

Workouts have not yet been released.

Event Info:

Winter - Top Performers Showcase

Date: Dec. 19, 2020

Location: 7073 Commerce Circle, Pleasanton CA

Registration: $75.00




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